Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Um, about that "sanctity of human life" thing

Junior Caligula talks out of his ass again:
``Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical, and it is not the only option before us,’’ said Bush
Meanwhile, back in Iraq, that "sanctity of human life" pose proves to be merely a pose:
Pregnant Iraqi women who have been forced from their homes by worsening violence are obtaining illegal abortions because they are unable to get medical care for themselves and their unborn, according to a new report by a national humanitarian group.

A record number of Iraqis -- most of them women and children -- are fleeing their homes to escape the bloodshed of sectarian violence and anti-U.S. attacks, according to a new report by the Iraqi Red Crescent organization, the largest aid group operating in Iraq.

Health care is inadequate and difficult to access for those people, according to the IRC report.

"Pregnant women, infants and children are unable to get...required medical care," states the report, which was translated from Arabic, "and criminal abortion became [sic] the norms."

Rape, theft and drug addiction have also become "commonplace" among the displaced, who live in government buildings, at relatives' homes, tents, or squat in abandoned homes or makeshift huts on empty land, according to the report, which was first noted on the Iraq news site

Hat tips to Liberal Street Fighter and No Capital.

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