Monday, June 11, 2007

Well, he does have a point

Tom Coburn is one of the most batshit crazy senators to ever hail from Oklahoma, and his proposed amendment to the impending vote of no confidence targeting Abu Gonzales is little more than a publicity stunt. However, he does have something of a point:
No Confidence.--It is the sense of the Senate that Congress neither has the will nor the desire to cut frivolous, excessive, or wasteful spending and therefore the American people should have no confidence in the ability of Congress or its members to balance the budget or protect the long term financial solvency of Social Security, Medicare, or the Nation itself.
Of course the frivolous, excessive, and wasteful spending that concerns me most are these stupid wars that the White House keeps initiating and Congress critters from both parties keep funding with borrowed money. I've gathered that Coburn has absolutely no problems with funding present and future imperial ventures, of course, and as a result he's one of the Congress critters in whom I have absolutely no confidence when it comes to protecting the long-term financial solvency of the US. Nor do I have any confidence in Coburn (or much of the rest of Congress) to protect whatever's still left of the Constitution.

File under GOP Senator engaging in the ego defense mechanism known as projection.

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