Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm thinking! I'm thinking!

As promised, it's now time for me to pass along my thinking blogger awards. Mad props to Big Ass Belle for thinking enough of my humble blog to nominate me in the first place. Like Belle, I find this meme to actually have some merit to it. The basic idea is simple enough: name five blogs that I find inspiring, perhaps sharing some reasoning behind the choices. For me the problem is in actually narrowing it down to just five - there are just too many really good blogs and my interests tend to be many. All that said, to those whom I pick, by all means wear the badge with pride and please pass this one along.

The Unapologetic Mexican: Nezua's blog is a feast for the eyes and the mind. I've mentioned before that my own intellectual path is leading me increasingly away from a Eurocentric frame of mind, and Nezua consistently gives me much to think about along those lines as I continue this crazy journey we call life. They guy's got one hell of a sense of humor too!

Once Upon a Time: Arthur Silber has been one of the most articulate and impassioned writers against the US Empire for a while now, and has as keen a perspective on the American Zeitgeist as anyone currently blogging. His blog in fact should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves "liberal" or "progressive" and who believes that the Democrats are an anti-war party: let's just say that Arthur will open your eyes in a hurry!

Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time: LarryE is a solid, engaging, and down-to-earth writer whose blog deserves a larger readership than it gets. Definitely an anti-war vibe along with a wealth of knowledge on environmental issues.

Human Beams: This website, run by Nanette, is a blog and so much more. In fact the whole site has been recently given a major make-over and is better than ever. Nanette and crew have plenty to offer with regard to human rights.

Invictus: Valtin is a psychologist who currently writes on torture, with a particular focus on the role of American psychology (both in terms of research and in practice) in propagating torture. As someone interested in various facets of the history of psychology, Valtin's work has been invaluable. You can also find Valtin over at Never In Our Names.

Those are the five. Now for two honorable mentions, awarded to blogs that are now dormant.

Enemy of the State: Ductape Fatwa was one of my favorite bloggers in all of blogtopia. His unique writing style was inspiring, sometimes maddening, but never dull. The range of topics he would write on was itself varied, from war and authoritarianism to facets of contemporary pop culture (his last post ever was on cell phones) - all from a non-Eurocentric vantage point.

Constellations: Human rights, music, poetry - Arcturus, up until March, offers more food for thought than I can begin to describe. Maybe a renewal of reader interest in his blog could persuade him to come out of blogging retirement.

I imagine if there is a common thread to each of the blogs I'm awarding it's that these bloggers happen to do more than simply offer up pithy blog posts: much more often than not they offer up full-blown essays requiring one to sit a spell and read carefully (and hopefully reflect), and share a great deal more sheer humanity than one ordinarily finds on political blogs - or "real life" for that matter. Give these cats a go if you haven't already.

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