Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Marisacat sez

My fervent wish is that the Dems get 68 in the Senate and 310 in the House. No EXCUSES then… ;)
I'll up the ante - 68 Dem Senators, 310 Dem Reps, and a Dem Preznit, to start off 2009. Before too long, I'd be able to ask my most partisan of Democrat friends and acquaintances all sorts of fun, festive questions, such as:

So, what's with all these wars stretching from Afghanistan to Syria? Should we just combine them all into one big war now? And how does that fit with all the anti-war rhetoric from the 2006 and 2008 campaigns.

What's with the crappy economy?

How's that repeal of the Patriot Acts coming along?

Any luck restoring Habeas Corpus yet? Or is that also "off the table"?

Those extraordinary renditions are going to stop any day, right?

Y'all ditched that "unitary executive" theory, right?

Weren't y'all supposed to be against "Free Speech Zones"?

The White House is still doing that "spying on us with any warrants" thing, aren't they? Whatever became of those pledges for Congressional oversight on that?

With veto-proof majorities and a Prez from the same party, we'll just have peace, prosperity, and freedom, right? As Earl Scheib would say, Riiiiight.

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