Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Night Softball Blogging

Been catching some of the World Cup of Softball games the last few days. Tonight's the championship game between the US and Japanese teams - both of which are very solid. As I write this Cat Osterman has pitched an excellent game, striking out six or seven players. The only run so far in the game was a Tairia Flowers home run in the second inning. Fortunately the games start just a bit before my daughters' bedtime, so I can get them to watch just a bit of the action - get their interest started early.

Update: Bottom of the fifth, Crystal Bustos hit a 2-out 2-run single to pad the lead for the US team to 3-0.

Last update: The US team held on to their 3-0 lead. Awesome pitching by Osterman (13 strikeouts in seven innings). That last out that was called against the Japanese team was a bit strange, though. And even at the risk of losing my leftist street-cred, I was rooting for the US team.

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