Thursday, August 16, 2007

American Politics: The Left's Left Out

Graphic found here. Probably the closest to me would be Mike Gravel, whom the Democrat Party Czars will continue to do their level best to marginalize. Otherwise, regardless of whether one looks at likely frontrunners for either the Dems or GOP, one will be stuck with variations on a theme: relatively right-wing on economics and authoritarian on social issues. We can also lay to rest any notion that Ron Paul is a "libertarian" (though I suppose relative to the others in the upper-right quadrant he's the least authoritarian of the lot). Looks more and more like I'll be saying screw the elections in 2008 and do something else.

Thinking from another angle, I'm thirsty for a Guinness, but the only options at the bar seem to be Bud, Bud Lite, Coors, and Keystone Lite. Screw the bar, I say. I'll just head over to the local liquor store, buy a sixpack of Guinness and serve it either room temperature (for me) or chilled (for my guests). Someone overhears me and tell me I'm an extremist, and that if I were more responsible, I'd go with the Bud (or perhaps the barkeep could be talked into serving Michelob Amber Bock in order to appease me), and in any case that's all I'll ever be able to drink. Of course the Coors and Keystone Lite drinkers accuse the Michelob drinkers of being radical extremists, but I'm thinking that their beer preferences are barely distinguishable from one another. Unsatisfied still, I do as I promised, leave the bar, and bring home some Guinness, which I promptly serve with spaghetti to anyone who happens to be visiting my humble abode that evening.

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