Friday, August 3, 2007

The Angryindian Calls Bullshit

Check it out:
Editor's Note: This is response to an article posted from the perpetually wrong New York Post by a neo-conservative contributor on NowPublic. I simply could not let this go. - The Angryindian

This post belongs in "Opinions", not the political section. And if you are going to post an article slamming Prof. Ward Churchill, choose a better, more reliable source. The New York Post not only boasts of it's 4th grade comprehension reading level, but gleefully basks in the fact that The Post never reports facts. Like the FOX Network, The Post hypes stories rather than reports them.

The "problem" with Churchill is that he refuses to accept without question the American Exceptionalism mythologies that allow the U.S. to proclaim itself the only true bastion of human freedom in world history. After 500 years of anti-Aboriginal genocide, 400 years of anti-African ethnocide and the nonsensical over-simplification of the American lie of American respect for human life, liberty and socio-political dissent, only a certified idiot would believe that the U.S. is anything other than another violent, racist and contradictory Euro-colonialist state.

His main nemisis, former Black Panther Party hanger-on now neo-conservative attack dog David Horowitz chased Churchill across the country arguing for his dismissal from his university based solely on his Indigenist writings and activism. Yet, Horowitz, a modern day Whittaker Chambers, had nothing to say about republican and neo-conservative instructors who still teach that North America was a barren watseland populated by only a few thousand savages who did not know how to exploit the natural resources of a continent that according to the "experts", did not belong to anyone in particular. This is the pedagogical tradition of the United States. And this is why Prof. Churchill has been made a target. Literally.

Of course neo-cons, republicans and the more honest Ku Klux Klansman amongst them dislike Prof. Churchill. He gives Europocentrists no quarter and directly challenges the falsehoods, half-truths and outright lies of the settler population. Like Israel over the Palestinians, the United States actively promotes the illusion of an ever-eternal ancient White face to an overwhemingly brown continent. And like the U.S. client-state that holds court over what is left of Arab Palestine and denies the Indigenous population to exist as who they are, North American settler governments maintain the very same illusions as a matter of state policy. Prof. Churchill only only challenges these falsehoods but dissects them in such a way that the only response settler apologists can muster is heresay, slander and outright academic bias.

While the neo-conservatives of the U.S. accuse Churchill of one-sided liberal bias, this piece fits exactly what the far-right is charging Churchill with. There is nothing objective in this article. No facts, no empirical examples, not even a direct quote from "The most dangerous teacher in America". This post is nothing more than baseless neo-conservative windage lobbing more vitriol than factual evidence against a poltical dissenter. Now that Norman Finkelstein has lost his bid for tenure due to Horowitz' academic witchhunt, who's next? - The Angryindian
I'll also add, based on responses to a column at Dissident Voice, that the so-called "leftist" and "progressive" wings of the academic world aren't much better.

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