Friday, August 10, 2007

Feeling a Draft?

There's a foul wind blowing across the plains these days - and no it's not due to the influx of hog farms. No, this breeze is blowing straight outta the Pentagon in DC. You see, the costs of running an empire spanning the globe (including 700 plus military bases) are more than monetary. With at least two wars going on and a possible third on the way, there is also the need for bullet stoppers and finding individuals willing to volunteer as bullet stoppers just isn't as easy these days. Hence, we have the US War Czar saying that the draft has always been on the table. Although conventional wisdom has it that a draft would be political suicide, and that no politician would touch it with a ten-foot pole, the truth is that there are prominent politicians on both sides of the narrow political aisle who would love to reinstate it, most notoriously Charles Rangel.

Now of course the War Czar will contend that it would take a major policy shift for a draft to be reinstated. What would it take to cause a major policy shift? Another terrorist attack perhaps (a possibility that sadly seems to have some pundits creaming their draws)?

In the meantime, I'd suggest that if you're reading this and about to reach that magical age of 18, and facing the issue of whether or not to register for the draft, look carefully at your options. One may decide that registration is simply a bad idea (a decision that of course is illegal). Whatever you do, you really need - if you haven't already - to think about how to establish conscientious objector status. Some resources for those thinking of becoming conscientious objectors follow below:

Center on Conscience & War

War Resisters League




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