Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Field Negro sez to Bob Costas:

Until the day comes when you can jack a 98 MPH fastball to the opposite field for a home run; just shut the f**k up!
Costas is one of the more toxic personalities among sports commentators, who is currently concentrating his ire on Barry Bonds as Bonds chases Hank Aaron's career Major League home run record. From my vantage point, Aaron's accomplishments will never be forgotten, as he was both a consistent hitter during his career, and he continued to hit plenty of homers even during the neo-dead ball era that began around the late 1960s (and would continue into the early 1980s). As for Bonds, like him or hate him, but like is dad Bobby, Barry was blessed with both power and speed through much of his career (let's say that baseball players who can simultaneously hit 30-plus homers and steal 30-plus bases in a season are a rare breed; and as a member of the 40-40 club Bonds I believe stands alone). What Bonds accomplishes will not be taken away - though among the sanctimonious sports writers will likely not be acknowledged come the vote for Hall of Fame membership.

I may be an unusual baseball fan in that the home runs are actually less of interest to me than base running and pitching. Stolen bases and strikeouts are where it's at for me. The former has been deemphasized the last decade and a half; but I never forget the great base stealers of the 1970s and 1980s (Ricky Henderson, Vince Coleman). As for strikeout artists, we have been witness to some great post-Nolan Ryan/Steve Carlton pitchers. Also have seen some great relievers (a facet of pitching that finally began to get its due when I was a kid back in the 1970s). Yeah, I can live without the home runs - I'll take a team like the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals any day. Not to diss the cats who can consistently knock those fastballs over the fences - as long as they are all-around players rather than unidimensional (think Dave Kingman).

As for Bob Costas - if I ever see him gracing my television monitor, I'll merely turn the sound to "mute" and just watch the game.

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