Friday, August 3, 2007

Home again

The trip back was pretty uneventful. Just as well by me. Other than a bit of rain after we got east of Kingman, Mother Nature mostly cooperated. Buying that minivan turned out to be a good investment, as the kids stayed less cranky, and we didn't have to stop as often as usual. I had been worried about the gas mileage - I'm more accustomed to small cars with 4 cylinder motors than a van with a V-6 - but it turned out the van didn't do that much worse than the Mazda (25-30 mpg freeway with the van as opposed to 30-35 mpg with the Mazda).

Other than the hard drive on my office computer going dead practically moments after turning the damned thing on, looks like to day shall go smoothly. I still had a back up computer in my lab, which I'm running on right now until our computer gurus can get the other machine up and running. I'm resigning myself to the idea that any data that was on the old hard drive will be gone for good - I just lost a truckload of mp3 files of old out of print jazz recordings & live gigs that will be difficult to re-find. Work files and such are all pretty much backed up, so no major loss there. I'm sure I'll have a better assessment of what exactly was lost next week.

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