Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hurricane Katrina: Two Years Later

Two years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast with devastating fury. The scope of the human suffering in New Orleans and nearby communities such as Biloxi, MS was nothing short of overwhelming. The US government fiddled while these communities drowned. Two years on, not a whole lot has changed. The ethnic cleansing of NOLA that ensued is largely complete.

I suppose if we've learned anything, it's to remind ourselves that the Prez and Congress-critters are highly unlikely to care about devastated communities and more about the profit margins of the corporations getting them "elected" in the first place. You're on your own, in other words. That said, communities can be built and rebuilt, largely DIY-style, and affected communities can offer alternative narratives to those appearing via the usual channels of corporate propaganda. We've also as a result of the NOLA disaster and the assorted military quagmires in the Middle East and Central Asia that there are some cracks in the seemingly insurmountable hyperpower's facade.

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