Sunday, August 19, 2007

Iran War Talk Continues

The War Party just can't seem to get enough carnage. The war chatter has been going on for quite some time, and began to escalate again a few months ago - including the usual propaganda regarding Iran getting its own nuclear bomb (reality check: highly improbable any time too soon if ever), and Iran arming the Taliban. Recently, the Democrat-led Congress began giving Junior Caligula the blank check needed to target Iran Militarily. Over the last week there has been scuttlebutt that the Lush/Zany gang would declare Iran's military as a terrorist group. In an article Arthur Silber highlights, it appears that the timing for such a declaration is crucial if the US government is going to have any hope in hell of getting its war on prior to the start of the 2008 election cycle. Bernhard over at Moon of Alabama is drawing some similar conclusions from a somewhat different set of sources.

Like Arthur and Bernhard, I also feel a sort of weariness when it comes to the situation between the US and Iran. It's seeming more and more like it's all but a done deal at this point with disastrous consequences for all caught in the middle. As I've noted before (as have plenty of others) - this march toward yet another war is very bipartisan in nature (as were the previous two wars that the US is still waging in Afghanistan and Iraq). That includes just about every Democrat and Republican presidential candidate currently sitting in the House or Senate (Kucinich and Paul are the exceptions within their respective parties). I seriously doubt there will be any objection from Speaker Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader Reid. I can imagine our so-called "leftist" bloggers of record who could at points a few years ago make impassioned pronouncements against the Iraq War finding that wars aren't so bad as long as there's a Democrat Party majority blessing involved. Those voting for Democrats last November hoping that the war madness would come to an end are probably very disappointed if not downright steamed over what's happening, and I cannot blame them. There are a few souls (mostly Democrats but occasionally Republican as well) who have tried to take a stand against the latest madness; regrettably, they have far too little clout and the Rubicon was crossed long ago.

I wish I could be less pessimistic, but I'd be lying if I tried speak of silver linings that I simply cannot see.

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