Saturday, August 4, 2007

More stuff to read

See some pictures of the Hutto gulag.

Has the world forgotten about Oaxaca? I haven't. Just in case, Barucha Calamity Peller reminds us.

Arthur Silber is blogging once more. And speaking of reminders, Arthur reminds anyone who dares read that the Dems will not do jack when it comes to impeachment of any of the Lush/Zany thugs. Why? Elementary, my dear Watson: Democrat Congressional leaders are implicated in the very crimes committed by Lush/Zany.

You use slang? You might just want to thank the Irish!

Madman in the Marketplace reviews movies and life.

Paul Street poses the question, "what is racism?"

Jonathan Schwarz thanks technology for making it easier to find out just how much the Democrat party sucks. ¡Viva technology!

Oh yeah, Iraq's power grid is about to collapse. Your taxpayer dollars were given to the goons at Haliburton et al. to line their pockets under the pretense of repairing the Iraqi infrastructure.

Gonzales, Cheney, and Rove star as The Three Stooges. Wonder what that makes the Dems who are unwilling to stand up to those clowns.

Pres. hopeful Obama is making friends with his remarks regarding bombing parts of Pakistan.

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