Thursday, August 9, 2007

What if one takes the other path - the path of resistance?

Ductape Fatwa sez:
But what if he chooses the other path? What if he stands up and says "I support all people who resist the brutality of occupation, whether it be in Ramadi, Ramallah, or Rhode Island, and I support it precisely because I am an American, and because I do love my country."

Well, that fellow just declared himself a terrorist. He is now officially an enemy of the United States, an unlawful combatant, and while all Americans, just like everybody else on earth, is subject to extermination and/or seizure and perpetual imprisonment by US gunmen, he has just made himself a more likely candidate for that fate.

With the possible exception of pedophiles, he will have made himself the most hated and vilified category of American, in the eyes of the vast majority of his Americans.

Remember America is the place where Abu Ghraib whistleblower Joseph Darby's family had to go into hiding, so many death threats did they receive, while Lynndie England has fan sites.

An American who supports the struggle for freedom and self-determination in a land under siege of a hostile invading force lives the spirit of another great American not so long ago, an American who was despised, spat upon, called every ugly name in the book, thrown in jail, beaten, dogs set upon him, and in the end, murdered, this man who had a dream that one day his country would live out its creed.

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