Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Manson Blackwater "Family" Does Damage Control

At least Uncle Charlie didn't try to spin "Helter Skelter". Actually one of the commenter's reactions say it aptly:

“Cost efficiency of Blackwater - saving the US taxpayer millions of dollars so that the US Government doesn’t have to take troops from their missions or send more into harms way.”

Oh, that’s double-plus good. Language doesn’t seem to mean anything at all anymore. We should just grunt at each other.

“Professional population of service veterans and mature law
enforcement personnel.”

Mature? Strange choice of word. Old enough to drink, drive, and shoot at passing cars.

“Sacrifice in lives lost by Blackwater saving US diplomats without one single protectee harmed.”

Massive firepower trumps those sissy civilians anytime. I seem to recall those four contractors in Fallujah ended up getting a lot of troops killed, in addition to themselves. But that’s so 2004–and we wouldn’t want Condi to get hurt, would we?

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