Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More right-wing depravity

captured in all its glory by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald shares some of the wingnut missives in response to a post regarding the exaggeration of an alleged "Muslim threat" by someone called Jamie Kirchick (I'm guessing neocon; GOP or Dem affiliation unknown). Of course that it seems to have taken these wingnuts a whole couple weeks to fire up a sufficient number of neurons to "respond" (and I am being generous) is telling in and of itself. But I digress. The psychology behind the right-wing weirdness is something to behold, and Greenwald does a decent job of shedding some much needed light:
One can only marvel at how developed and richly detailed is the fantasy that he has created and carries around with him -- being on one's knees before a Muslim terrorist, begging and pleading and shaking, dialogue about "having served you." It is really right out of some cheap, trite sadomasochistic pornography script, and yet these fears and truly creepy fantasies are the foundation for their political beliefs, driving most of our political discourse and policy.

And this bile that spewed forth really illustrates so much about why we continue to fight one of history's most absurd wars ever, whereby we occupy Iraq indefinitely even though the original justifications for invading have long ago vanished and even those who want to stay have no idea what we are trying to accomplish. It is the same dynamic that fueled so much of the intense and obsessive hatred for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and which drives the insatiable quest for new Enemies to attack, including what looks increasingly like the new War with Iran.

Bombing and killing Muslims is the only path for avoiding the humiliating scenarios which our nation's war cheerleaders carry around obsessively in their heads, and which are currently filling my inbox. They're not going to be the ones on their knees, begging. They're not going to be the "faggots." Instead, they are going to send others off to fight and bomb and occupy and kill and thereby show who is strong and tough and feel protected.

In his excellent and well-documented book "The Wimp Factor," Psychology Professor Stephen Ducat reviews clinical studies which demonstrate that many men "are more likely to experience a vicarious boost in their own sense of power and potency when American military forces attack, and especially when they defeat, an enemy." Neoconservative war tracts almost invariably are suffuse with explicit warnings about submission and humiliation.


That need among those who feel a lacking of power and strength -- to send others off to fight wars so that they can feel powerful -- is insatiable and far more potent than any rational arguments about "national interest" and "just wars." That is a major reason why -- despite the endless debates and overwhelming public sentiment -- we stay in Iraq (because to leave would be to "lose," to suffer a "humiliating defeat" at the hands of a laughing Al Qaeda), and it is why war with Iran is so appetizing for so many -- we need to show the world who is boss. It is warped psychology masquerading as political belief. And that is why nothing triggers hysteria of the sort in the above-excerpted post more than challenging the notion that it may not actually be necessary to wage Permanent and Endless War on Muslims. Arguing that is virtually tantamount to advocating that our nation's vicarious war cheerleaders be deprived of food, water and oxygen.

Greenwald also points out an old Norman "Bates" Podhoretz essay wherein Normie lays out his own psycho anti-black racism for all to see, as well as unwittingly exposing Podhoretz's own psychological demons that no amount of vicarious mass-murder of brown-skinned humans will ever truly exorcise.

A note in the margins: between the various dominatrix wannabes in the State Department, the President with the bald men fetish, and the twisted sexualized violence fantasies expressed by the various wingnuts, I can't help but wonder if the White House is little more than a set for a remake of Caligula.

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