Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Neocon Muslim Hatred Week a Bust

Found at the libertarian Antiwar.com blog:

Ultra-hawk blog Blackfive reports on David Horowitz’s dazzling opening of Islamofascism Awareness Week:

What a let down. My buddy Ebo and I attended Horowitz’ opening night of Islamo-Fascism Awareness week and if this is our answer to sharia, then I guess Dirka Dirka Mohammed Jihad it will be.

Both of us were predisposed to agree wth most of what Horowitz was saying, but as is my complaint fairly often, his tone and delivery ruined his chances of doing his cause much good. He spoke in front of what was potentially a very hostile crowd 3/4 or so antagonistic to his viewpoint. He was so uninspiring a speaker they didn’t even really heckle him. I will give credit to the Muslim Student Association and the other groups who were there in opposition, they maintained more decorum than Mr. Horowitz. By the end he was saying “Well I guess you just aren’t able to read” and “I don’t know what to do if you can’t add two and two and get four.” …

We held out ’til the end and the Q&A had Horowitz launching the testy ad hominems I noted and complaining that the questions were too long in comparison to his epic length musings on how dumb his audience was. I heard the College Republicans, who sponsored him, were wicked pissed.

So much for the "Klan rallies on Quaaludes". This is what movement "conservatism" is reduced to: ad hominem attacks by uninspiring speakers and writers. Not to worry: the neoconmen will likely outlive their current host, the GOP. Given a few years, we'll find these same folks extolling the virtues of the Donkle, as they return to the party that first launched this bunch of war fetishists.

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