Friday, November 30, 2007

Bromwich leaves out someone:

Generally, his most recent column, The Torture Compromise of 2007 is right on, but note an omission in the following clip:

We have not yet come to terms with a fundamental self-deception. Such practices as rendition and torture and the indefinite detention of military-age Arab men, from street sweeps, where no charges are made and no names supplied (a tactic whose large-scale innovation is partly responsible for the reduction of violence in Baghdad)--these practices follow us home. Think of the post-2001 method of corralling anti-war demonstrators by police phalanx into intersection-sized boxes to be moved forward block by block against their will. Or the unwarranted mass arrests of demonstrators in New York City to "protect" the 2004 Republican convention.

Such have been some of our domestic experiments. But we have gone further. In August of this year, a Miami jury convicted of terrorism-conspiracy charges an American citizen, José Padilla, who had been tortured in prison, against whom the evidence was of exactly the character that would have convicted a Miami black man of rape in the year 1927. These things are happening. And yet, in the middle of the longest presidential campaign in our history, the only candidates to speak against the degradation that is now in progress are Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul--both of them ignored or, as often, ridiculed by the mainstream media. Their speech, and the silence or reticence or politic circumlocution of others, is the largest symptom of the silent crisis at home.
Notice who's missing? Mike Gravel. He, too, is on record against torture and our government's current warmongering ways, and has also been ignored and/or ridiculed by the corporate media, and in his case isn't even allowed to attend Democrat debates. I'm not especially surprised, as his views are far too, shall I say, pro-democracy to be given a proper airing. Instead, we'll get more "lesser-evilism" and plenty of folks willing to say that torture is bad when Bu$hCo does it but perfectly okay if Clinton/Obama/Edwards/Biden/whatever does it.

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