Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oklahomans don't approve of Bush

I doubt the approval ratings in any state are even remotely favorable any more. The last survey was from late September, and showed the usual: Republicans still love the job Bush is doing (though possibly not as uniformly as in the past); Democrats and Independents (place me in the latter category) generally disapprove. There's also a report on Governor Henry's approval ratings. Although generally positive all the way around, it is pretty clear that Hispanic Oklahomans are much more ambivalent about Henry - it may have something to do with the mixed messages he keeps sending. Signing HR 1804 last May didn't score him any points with Hispanic voters. Although he won't be running for Governor again, I am under the impression that Henry has ambitions for bigger and better things such as a Senatorial run at some point in the future. He's pretty close to having to write off the Hispanic vote if he should choose to do so (Rice who is a potential opponent to Inhofe next year is facing similar difficulty for similar reasons), which will cost him in the central part of the Oklahoma panhandle.

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