Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vichy Dem blog misrepresents video

A blog called SoonerThought has a post up titled Attack on Civil Rights in OK. Since civil rights issues are pretty damned important to me (and my contributors), I quickly followed the links expecting to see an actual civil rights violation. Needless to say, what was there was not what I expected. Yes, someone is confronting a petition circulator, but what was the petition? You might be interested to find that the petition in question is one intended to deprive ethnic minorities of already tenuous civil rights gains.

Note that SoonerThought has been shilling for Joe Biden for the 2008 Democrat nomination. Needless to say, Biden has a little racism problem that has this nasty tendency to surface from time to time. I guess that I'm not that surprised, then, to see that blog spin a petition that is anti-civil rights as "civil rights" and to spin any protest of said petition as an "attack" on civil rights. Quite disingenuous, I must say.

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