Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This blog has now reached the 100,000 mark in terms of visits. Visitor 100,000 appears to have come from the blog, Why Now? At the rate we're going, I think this blog should reach the million mark somewhere around my 81st birthday - assuming of course that there is such a thing as blogging by then.

On the topic of traffic, I've noticed that the blog is finally back to some semblance of good health. The number of visits has been relatively consistent since about the last week of October (usually somewhere between 60 and 80), and last month's figures actually looked reminiscent of the late 2006. For a fairly long stretch after that snafu that occurred when migrating to the "New Blogger" platform, traffic was at best inconsistent, ranging from almost nonexistent to maybe 40-50 visitors with the occasional spike into the hundreds (and one day in June over a thousand - in the process racking half of that month's visits) whenever someone like Crooks and Liars picked up on one of my blog posts. Since this blogging gig is strictly a hobby, the numbers aren't crucial - as in, my ability to make rent and feed the kids is in no way shape or form affected - but does indicate to me something by way of consistent repeat visitors, etc. It's nice to know that some folks have decided once more that there might be something semi-worthwhile here.

There are a couple folks who still come back here who have been around almost from the beginning (LarryE comes most readily to mind), and I've noticed some newer readers show up in the comments (e.g., cthulu's mom, who is a blast to read). I often don't have a pithy reply to my commenters , but just be rest assured that I do read them, and very much appreciate them.

Personally, when I started this thing up, I had no idea how long I'd keep it up. I'll keep this going for a while yet. Hopefully Manny and Duke1676 will periodically continue to offer up some of their prose here as they have in the past; and who knows, maybe I'll con yet another blogger or two to do likewise.

Okay, enough of the navel gazing. Back to keeping it real.

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