Saturday, December 29, 2007

Article on Steve Gilliard

I noticed that NYT Magazine had a brief retrospective article on Steve Gilliard who died this past June at age 42. As I noted at the time:
Up until last year his blog was one of my regular reads. A bit partisan Democrat for my tastes, and over the last few years I've had less and less use for partisan Democrat bloggers. That said, the guy wrote with a great deal of candor and could be quite entertaining in that "jeez, did he really say that" sort of way. Of course, his unique style and voice will be missed here and as I can imagine a fairly sizable swath of blogtopia.
His blog was also a useful starting point for those wanting to learn the intellectual underpinnings of colonial racism and the eugenics movement. His 37-part series on colonial warfare (from around the end of 2004) itself was quite extensive and well-written.

Since my one of my own interests is on eugenics, its history, its psychology, and its present-day revival (primarily among movement conservatives), I thought I should point out a few of Steve's posts that were quite useful:

Marching with the suit and tie Klan (August 2006)

Pat Buchanan let's his brown shirt fly (August 2006)

The GOP: Fighting for America's racial past (April 2006)

I wouldn't want to be you on Monday (March 2006)

Supping with racists (March 2006)

It wasn't racist, really (October 2005)

The three piece suited Klan (September 2005)

Small penis=genius (August 2005)

Why I'm a racist by Andrew Sullivan (August 2005)

The Bell Curve oozes back
(August 2005)

Blacks and animals (August 2005)

What is old is new again (April 2005)

Code Words (April 2005)

Speak like a conservative (January 2005)

Horny Hitler Youth (December 2004)

So Mr. Kerry, what do we do about the negroes? (October 2004)

Some of the above are more historic, some more topical regarding electoral politics, but in the process one can note a narrative taking shape that shows today's "conservative" movement's roots in all their glory.

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