Sunday, December 9, 2007

Follow-up to the previous post

Make sure to check Glenn Greenwald's take on the Dem leaders' complicity regarding torture. This part in particular is about as good as it gets from a mainstream liberal:
I wish none of this were true. I wish we had a genuine, vibrant opposition party. It would be indescribably beneficial if the rare, isolated and usually marginalized voices within the Democratic Party (and the even rarer and more marginalized voices in the GOP) were predominant. But they just aren't. That's just a fact that can't be ignored. The Democratic Party in Congress is largely controlled and led by those who have enabled and affirmatively supported the worst aspects of the Bush foreign policy and the most severe abuses of our country's political values.
Of course as Glenn, and no doubt others will point out, the excuse mill is already in high gear. We have the usual slogans of "the Dems were virtually powerless," "Well, one of them did make an empty token protest, so that gets 'em off the hook,"and an oldie but goodie - "this story is a Bu$hCo plot to make Dear Nancy look bad." Keep spinning the excuses all you want, but until you are willing to come to terms with the fact that the party's leadership has been largely complicit in the very activities that make the US a rogue nation and are willing to do more than simply continue to meekly ask for more Democrats as if that will somehow miraculously heal a party leadership that has so thoroughly metastasized as to be incurably corrupt, you will be siding with what can only be referred to by its proper name: evil.

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