Saturday, December 22, 2007

Look what crawled out of the woodwork

Nancy an eliminationist in the comments sez:
You must sleep with a Mexican. illegals could correctly be called 'Wet-back SCABS'. 'Cause that's ALL they are. If you really wanted to HELP them, you would help them change their OWN country. You two-faced traitor. Born with a silver spoon in ur mouth, no doubt. Why don't you get down here with the rest of us and see if you can hold that stance with a real world veiw of poverty among the American people. You judge people and then you go screaming at people to stop dare you...and you think you're so smart because you have an EDUMACATION???? Pulezzzze. How far do you think you and your buddies can stomp on the American people before you get ur block knocked off? Who do you think you are to consider yourself and your lawbreakers to be above our laws? You're not very smart if you haven't learned anything about our laws. How immoral you are. You're disgusting.
Dear Nancy,

Next time you try to preach morality, you might wish to take a look in the mirror. First, you make a lot of assumptions about me that, well, would cause you embarrassment if you actually knew me. Second, making thinly veiled threats of violence simply won't impress me. I'm flattered, but I've been threatened by more articulate foes in first grade. Third, at the risk of being presumptuous, I trust that you have a Bible handy. After all, you do imply in your comment that you are a "moral" person. You might wish to look up a few verses as a refresher: Deuteronomy 10:17-19 and Psalm 146:9. On the off chance you've misplaced it, JMB has quoted these very same verses in one of his recent posts.

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