Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stupid Headline Tricks

This has to be the dumbest headline I've seen for a while: Politics slows Congress in 2007. Let that one sink in. A lack of progress in Congress is somehow due to "politics." Mother of Jabbering God! This is fucking Congress we're talking about. Politics is what these folks do. Are we to wish for a mythical Congress in which there were no politics whatsoever? There'd be nothing but an empty building. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea of course, but still.

Here's a thought for the editors of the Montgomery Advertiser: rather than continue to insult the intelligence of what's left of your readership with code words, just come out and say what you mean. By "politics" you simply mean that what passes for a Democrat party majority only insufficiently caved in to Der Führer's demands rather than cave in completely (personally I consider this Congressional session a predictable failure from a much different perspective - there simply was not enough gridlock, and given the lack of a real opposition party there was no reason to expect anything other than what we got). Let's just take a wild guess: these same editors probably use terms like "law and order" to refer to their desire to oppress all those uppity brown-skinned folks who've refused to live under Apartheid-like conditions; or "family values" to refer to the imposition of one very narrow form of Christianity upon the rest of the population; "support the troops" means blindly cheerleading for whatever genocidal war adventure that the government embarks upon.

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