Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sy Hersh on the NIE Report

Here's a video clip via Youtube:

You can also catch a video clip at Think Progress.

As I said before, I think this makes Bu$hCo's efforts to undertake a war against Iran a harder sell, although far from impossible. Distal factors such as the on-going propaganda against Iranians (among others in the Middle East and central Asia) and our own cultural myopia (i.e., American Exceptionalism) suggest that we are all at risk for the US waging a war in Iran regardless of this new intelligence report. Of course, as I've tried to note previously, if one excuse for a war seems to fall flat, there's always another. If the WMD route won't fly, there's always the old "terrorist threat" angle (we'll probably see that one receiving more play), or some form of "humanitarian" angle (which given the general unquestioning acceptance by most Americans of the exceptionalist myth - especially those among the elites, would be an easy angle to take).

Hersh certainly offers one potential scenario: the Israeli government either unilaterally or in conjunction with the US hauls off and bombs Iran regardless. Another is that the White House hardliners merely bide their time and look for a new excuse to start a war. Certainly, given what I've heard about Junior Caligula's press conference this morning, this is a White House that is fanatically determined to do so - and would likely receive little more than token opposition from the rest of the ruling class. Civilians in Iran are definitely not out of the woods by any means.

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