Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There are always alternatives

You merely have to open your eyes from time to time. As sour as I am about the electoral system (which functions about as well as someone with inoperable cancer that has metastasized to every internal organ, bones, and bone marrow), every once in a while I see a candidate who actually seems inspired and inspiring. Yes, Cindy Sheehan is not PC, nor is she "electable" according to the Democrat Party intelligentsia, but she earns my respect by calling things by their true names and by targeting one of the Beltway Dems who has proven to be one of the most persistent barriers to ending the Iraq War and holding the Lush/Zany Gang accountable for their corruption. If Pelosi can't see clear to keeping impeachment on the table with regard to Lush/Zany, then her district's voters could at least have the decency to do the next best thing: impeach Pelosi in November 2008. I know some bloggers, such as Avedon, would prefer Sheehan run in a Democrat primary against Pelosi instead. I say, screw that. Go for all the marbles in November. Simply stated, THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE.

To those among the avowed progressive side of the blogtopia who would argue that we have no alternative to the Dems, and that "it's not like something new will just spring up overnight," here's a history lesson and counterpoint.

Update: Note in the comments that Avedon states that she does not oppose an independent Sheehan campaign, but would find a Sheehan primary challenge against Pelosi as instructive. Thanks for clarifying.

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