Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The "Global War on Terra" is merely the cover story

It does of course serve a purpose - namely to consolidate or expand power of the rulers. Over the near term, the elites have a little matter of unrest at home as the economy continues to tank and some really pissed off ex-middle class folks look for someone to blame. Hence we can expect plenty of appeals to nativism and cultural warmongering in order to keep the working classes sufficiently divided lest the elites find themselves forced to appease with reforms of one sort or another. Over the intermediate term (over the next couple decades), there is that little matter of assuring easy access to and control of petroleum and preventing a growing rival (China) from snagging any of that access and control.

In the meantime, it's just a farcical (albeit deadly) rehash of the Cold War - just that now we have "terrorists" hiding in your broom closet, and al Qaida always threatening havoc. Those indigenists fighting for some semblance of self-determination? They're al Qaida. Those displaced compañeros? They're al Qaida. Or if that is too implausible for even the most rabid of nativist white supremacist knuckledraggers to believe, just simply using the term "terrorist" shall suffice. Don't think too hard about the human costs that a policy of predatory capitalism (i.e., neoliberalism) and unabashed bloodletting has exacted on so many; there's always the popularity contest between Hillary and Rudy to distract you - or if that's too boring, how about Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy? Now THERE is some IMPORTANT news.

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