Friday, February 1, 2008

Calling things by their true names: Homeland Insecurity edition

Brenda Norrell on the continuing struggle to resist the Apartheid Wall being built along the US/Mexico border:
EL CALABOZ, Texas -- Lipan Apache resisting the seizure of their land for construction of the United States’ border wall in Texas said Homeland Security is repeating the actions of the Nazis, as it seeks to seize land in the systematic genocide of indigenous and impoverished peoples.

Homeland Security filed suit against Eloisa Garcia Tamez on Jan. 29, who has been leading the resistance to the seizures of private lands in Texas. However, Homeland Security did not notify Tamez or other family members, who found out through the media.

Tamez’ daughter Margo Tamez said, “When they listed our relatives in public newspapers, without serving papers to them in person, or through the mail, they repeat the actions of other hate-filled regimes of the past who purged out the 'unwanteds' and 'undesirables' from their societies -- such as the Nazi expulsion of the Jews in Germany, France and Italy.

“These daily 'hit lists' of DHS in our community are sending clear messages to our people that again, we are the targets of genocidal thoughts and actions.”
My emphasis added.

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