Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Homeland Insecurity strikes again

If you've been following the story thus far, what Brenda Norrell wrote yesterday will come of absolutely no surprise:
EAGLE PASS, Texas -- Homeland Security has asked a federal court to declare 233 acres of Maverick County and the City of Eagle Pass condemned.

In a civil suit filed in federal court, U.S. Attorney Harold Brown, Jr., has asked the court to condemn 233 acres for the purpose of seizure by eminent domain by Homeland Security to build the US/Mexico border wall. It is the first lawsuit aimed at seizure of lands of 102 landowners in Texas, Arizona and California.

The government is demanding immediate control of the land and has deposited $100 in an account for the 233 acres to begin surveying work, according to the court document. The lawsuit was filed in federal court, the Western District of Texas, Del Rio Division.

This evening I was in Eagle Pass, Texas. There is nothing here to condemn. It is a busy city of hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Unlike the Arizona border, Eagle Pass has not yet turned into a repressive network of harassment and bullying by US Border Patrol agents and National Guardsmen. It is a busy city of workers.

This may soon change, we'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, mayors and residents all along the Texas border are organizing resistance.

If you are a member of the media, or anyone else, and would like a copy of the complaint filed by Homeland Security, to condemn and seize Eagle Pass land, e-mail me and I'll e-mail the court document back to you:
Even worse, if you follow the blurb on the left side of her blog, it appears the federal court went along:
Homeland Security quickly gained access to the City of Eagle Pass, Texas land, as a court ordered access to 233 acres to survey for the border wall. All across the Texas border, the resistance is growing as Texas border mayors and legislators oppose the wall and the militarization. AP article:

The World is Watching, Google Breaking News:
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