Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Iraq Conflict Has Killed A Million Iraqis

That's the conclusion from the follow-up research conducted by ORB, which has managed to narrow its margin of error from the previous study. Hat tip to A Tiny Revolution.

At this time, I thought it would be useful to provide a compendium of resources on the topic of genocide, since what's happened in Iraq really is nothing short of genocidal.

Raphael Lemkin's seminal chapter, Genocide, from his book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe.

Jean-Paul Sartre's classic essay, On Genocide, originally presented at the International War Crimes Tribunal on Vietnam in 1967.

Gregory H. Stanton's The 8 Stages of Genocide. See also a list of genocides since 1945 in chart form.

See also from this blog: Urbicide in Iraq: Another Way to Say Genocide; 4.2 million Iraqi refugees and displaced; genocide: look for the early warning signs.

By the way, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had some insight into the psychology of those who would perpetrate genocide.

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