Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Iraq invasion and occupation: A database of the lies used to start a war

Click the graphic to get a full-sized image (which by the way comes from the site Iraq: The War Card). Found via NYT, which occasionally proves mildly useful. As I understand it, one won't find anything especially earth-shattering as the cat is out of the bag regarding the lies the White House used at the time. For those of us who were long-time skeptics, the database serves as a convenient place to send folks in need of a reminder - especially at a time when the current White House occupant (and the Dem and GOP front-runners for their respective parties' presidential nominations) seems preoccupied with getting the US involved in yet another war (i.e., Iran).

See also Corrente's commentary, which offers up a couple other useful links.

Update: This is too funny for words. File under "attack the messenger if the facts refuse to cooperate." Of course if one looks at the funding from the CPI website, it becomes clear in a hurry that the organization has funding from a wide variety of sources, and although I guess at one point so-called "leftist" George Soros (who I guess is a "leftist" in the same sense that Warren Buffett is a "leftist") might have contributed a few bucks at some point in the past he doesn't appear to be doing so now. Somehow I don't see folks like the Ford Foundation, or the Rockefeller Brothers Fund as threats to the current social order. When was the last time you heard of anyone in the Rockefeller family quoting Che or Malcom X or chillin' with Subcomandante Marcos? These folks funding the CPI are only "leftist" to someone who's idea of a great humanitarian is Genghis Khan or Benito Mussolini. Jeez.

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