Monday, January 28, 2008

Just remember: It's as easy as ABC

That is, Anyone But Clinton, of course!
I remember the explosion in prisons, and the clearcutting of civil liberties. I remember Clinton’s awesome slavishness to corporate interests. Most of all, however, I remember the continuous, systematic bombing of Iraqi infrastructure and the imposition of sanctions known to have killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children.
Bush policy ain’t anomalous. It ain’t even a fucking deviation from the norm. Overthrowing sovereign governments and the application of military force in violation of international law is business as usual, and has been since the Mystic massacre of 1637.
And, to my mind, nothing is so emblematic of business as usual as the Clintonites.
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I'm pretty sure I'm leaving out a few things - probably anything blogged here about NAFTA, as just one example, would of course have Clintons written all over it. When it comes to war, torture, civil liberties, civil rights, and economic policies both Bill and Hillary have time and time again proven their worthlessness to any genuine leftist or progressive movement. With their fetish for neoliberal predatory capitalism, I still find right-wingers' accusations of communism or socialism aimed at those two to be little more than inadequate halfway house rantings. Yet again, I would implore any American thinking of voting for the likely Dem and GOP standard bearers in this year's election to think twice. I still think an election-day boycott of the polls coupled with a general strike would be a great idea - although one highly unlikely given our current political reality (at least during this election cycle - a few years down the road might be a different story).

Looks like I'll soon need to start up an ABC Dossier, especially if the Dems get Sen. Clinton as their standard bearer.

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