Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Remember the days of ABB? Howzabout ABC?

You can be a white feminist and vote for Hillary Clinton. But you can’t vote for Clinton if you’ve raised a single objection to George Bush’s murderous and insane foreign policy. There is no candidate more pro torture, pro mercenary, or pro war than Ms. Clinton. Likewise, her contempt for international law, particularly that which would limit civilian casualties, is fucking unrivaled.
So, yeah, a Clinton presidency would be a token victory for wealthy white women in the United States. But it’d also be a vote for the butchery of non-wealthy non-white women, the rest of the world over.
Meaning, in a way, it’s the perfect stance for white feminists, isn’t it? A vote for Hillary Clinton helps ensure white feminist interests, while ensuring the open imperialism that ensures their over-indulged status is reinforced.
All in the name of, ahem, diversity.
That's Benjamin at the Try-Works, with a post, Anybody But Hillary. Personally, I prefer ABC to ABH, but that's mere quibbling on my part. Beyond that though, Ben hits a grand slam. I don't get the alleged "progressives" who seem to be okay with a Hillary Clinton presidency. If my wife is any indication, it simply boils down to she's a woman who wants to be prez. From my perspective, BFD. I'll gladly support a Cynthia McKinney presidency. Heck, Gloria La Riva is well worth serious consideration. Both of these women are solid activists, engaging speakers, and promote policies that would in all probability actually enhance the lot of women and men everywhere, rather than merely benefiting the most privileged of the privileged.

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