Wednesday, February 20, 2008


That's Junior Caligula's current approval rating, according to the American Research Group. That's a huge drop from 34% when they conducted their last survey in January. I'm sure it'll bump up into the low to mid 20s next month. Still, let that sink in a bit. Only 19% of Americans as of February 2008 approve of the job the current president is doing. These are the hard-core Kool-Aid addicts, folks, who would probably approve of Junior's performance even if he were to go on national TV and publicly drink the blood of infants.

As David Swanson duly notes, when Richard Nixon was impeached, his approval numbers were also in the proverbial crapper (somewhere around 25%), and those numbers did not improve for him during the impeachment ordeal - he had the good sense to resign instead. Now we'd think that sort of news would get a seemingly hesitant group of Congresscritters to get off their collective asses and start impeachment proceedings, given that there is by now a wealth of information strongly suggesting that the crooks in the White House did plenty of things that are impeachable. But nooooooooooo! There's nary a peep. Why is that?

To answer my own question, let's say it has something to do with a nearly unanimous lack of concern among our so-called representatives. In other words, they don't give a flying fuck what the American people might want. They don't have to give a flying fuck, nor would doing so even be in their interest as their own complicity would come under scrutiny as well.

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