Sunday, February 24, 2008

The arguments against impeachment are mere excuses

For once a semi-decent diary over at DailyKos: Dismantling the arguments against impeachment. I wish I could muster up some faith in the Democrats in Congress to do the right thing, but for reasons already articulated elsewhere, I seriously doubt that will happen. Never mind that the gang of criminals in the White House is so unpopular that at least within the minds of the public they have next to no legitimacy at this juncture. Never mind that the laundry list of impeachable offenses has done nothing but grow over the course of the decade: lying about the "threat" posed by Iraq (leading of course to the current war which has been an unqualified disaster for Iraqis but a great success for a few Bu$hCo corporate cronies), not to mention lying about the "threat" allegedly posed by Iran (which thankfully hasn't led to a war yet). That's not even getting into obstruction of justice, illegal wiretapping, torture (the PC term "enhanced interrogation techniques" simply won't cut it), ad nauseum. Never mind that many of the most notorious offenders are likely to be pardoned by Bush if Bush and Cheney are not impeached.

None of this is secret. Oh, no sir! It's all right out in the open at this point. Under the circumstances, one would expect Congressional Democrats to be chomping at the bit to get this party started. Ho Ho Ho. That's not to be. Pelosi took impeachment "off the table," and "off the table" it has stayed. It's a safe gamble from her perspective - where else is the left (whatever that's supposed to mean any more) supposed to go? It's not like the Dems really have to care any way - their constituency is not "the people" but the CEOs who keep donating them obscene sums of money to do their bidding.

If you're still among the Donkle faithful hoping that more and "better" Democrats in 2009 will bring about that much ballyhooed change, think again. Unless you're prepared to abandon this corrupt ship of fools, there will be no change whatsoever except perhaps for the worse. But if a critical mass of y'all would withdraw your support for what has become a monstrous imperial leviathan, what tales we could tell our children and grandchildren.

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