Saturday, February 9, 2008

Before I forget

RickB at Ten Percent has been quite good at keeping his readers up to date on the US regime's continued use of gulags and torture, including, of course, the historical first admission by a military official of a "Camp 7" at Gitmo, as well as the apparent convenient "disappearance" of a year's worth of evidence at Gitmo on one of its detainees. From that post, we also get a good snark-filled summary of some of the propaganda that the Gitmo staff is treated to:

The JTF may not get much action down Camp 7 way but they do have a camp magazine to enjoy. The Wire (not the excellent TV show) is Gitmo’s military produced lifestyle supplement (in pdf)! Have a browse through the archives, this January’s edition (ps. typo! Someone tell the military affairs office they’ve put this years mags under 2007) had a touching article in tribute to Martin Luther King and -as with much of the media- completely ‘neglect’ to mention his anti-war & economic justice work, well you can only take irony so far…

Also in this months jam packed issue-

  • JTF port security and their nifty gunboats (they’d make the Iranian’s jealous).
  • BCCT psychologists, hey they’re all really great, really!
  • Joseph Benkert Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Security Affairs pays a visit!
  • American football & extreme sports reports, Team Shock won the Gitmo challenge!
  • College benefits, hey you could learn about the Nuremberg trials!
  • ‘Hitman’ not as good as ‘The Matrix’ apparently.
  • A Christian message of hope from a Chaplain, bless ‘em!
  • Camp Justice Red Bulls get a swanky new sign!
  • Road Burners video arcade game delivered and hard rockers ‘Night Ranger’ perform (80’s hit with ‘Sister Christian‘ apparently, anyone…?) !
Good times; good times. Don't forget to check his post, Mukasey Delivers, while you're at it. Don't forget to remind yourselves who voted to confirm Mukasey last year along with those who were conveniently absent from that particular vote.

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