Thursday, February 21, 2008

A feedlot-full of bovine fecal matter

Just one quote, but might as well read the whole article (h/t to RickB at Ten Percent):
"Torture is against our laws and our values. And, given our mission, CIA could have no interest in a process destined to produce bad intelligence."

-- CIA director Mike Hayden
CIA directors just say the darnedest things. Now, where would anyone ever get the idea that the CIA would have any interest in torture, one might ask? Well, well, well ... it might just have something to do with, oh, say, MKULTRA. That's of course not to mention those really neato videotapes of waterboarding from the current decade that the CIA just coincidently destroyed.

I un-PC of me: the correct flavor of the month term is "enhanced interrogation techniques." Sounds all nice, technical, and value-neutral that way. Of course, then again, I'd just as soon stick to the more blunt terminology by referring to such techniques as what they are - torture, much as I would just as soon refer to "extraordinary rendition" as kidnapping (for the purpose of torture).

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