Friday, February 15, 2008

Five years ago today

Arguably the largest protests in global history occurred - a chorus of humanity saying in no uncertain terms "no way" to a US led war against the Iraqis. At that point, there was still hope that the Iraq War was not a done deal, and that reasonable people would intervene to stop it. Although I am not sure I'm as hopeful as the Stop the War Coalition is regarding potentially preventing the next war, those of us who were either out in the streets, or writing (via editorials, blogs, message boards, Usenet newsgroups, etc.), or both demonstrated that the myth of public apathy was just that - a myth.

If you've been following this blog over the last few months - or even the last few years for that matter - you've gathered that I believe that preventing the next war(s) will be an uphill battle. The flipside to the hopeful message of public interest and outrage over the atrocities and potential atrocities committed in the name of the "War on Terra" is that our ruling elites who initiate these wars simply do not give a goddamn what we think. I still think it's important to act as vigorously as possible as citizens, as humans when it comes to adding our voices and bodies to the cause of war resistance - less because I actually think that the ruling class might find some semblance of a moral compass, but simply because a critical mass of determined humans could at least remind these elites that their grip on power is much more tenuous than they would like us to believe.

Picture above (as well as the link to the Stop the War Coalition's 5th anniversary statement) found via Lenin's Tomb.

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