Saturday, February 2, 2008

Green Party Intrigue

John V. Walsh his the skinny on the behind the scenes efforts by a faction of the GP to keep Ralph Nader from becoming the party's nominee. The good news is that Cynthia McKinney, who's been a class act all the way, has not been involved in the shenanigans. Personally, I'd love to see McKinney get the nod in large part because she not only has something worthwhile to say, but also because she is a fresh face for the Green Party who could break the Greens away from their stereotyped image as a largely white middle class movement. That said, the Greens could do far worse than Nader, who has been increasingly unwilling to enable the Dems with that idiotic "safe state" strategy. When all the Dems will offer as their standard bearers are the DLC (the neoliberal Disaster Loving Capitalists) anointed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, there are no safe states.

For those who wish to avoid the upcoming Stupor Tuesday, Walsh does offer some food for thought (although focused primarily on Massachusetts, is still applicable elsewhere):
In any event on Super Tuesday in MA there will be genuine antiwar candidates in both the GRP and Republican primaries. Cerainly worth going to the polls for. Pity that the Democrat Party, as usual, will only have hawks to offer us.
The eventual Green Party nominee will NOT be a war hawk. There is still one Republican candidate, Ron Paul, who has a solid antiwar record (although some policy positions on other issues that I find quite repugnant). Aside from the quixotic Mike Gravel, the Dems offer nothing for those of us who've had it with all the warmongering. For that reason alone, I will strongly suggest boycotting the Dems this November.

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