Monday, February 11, 2008

Phil Zimbardo on 'The Lucifer Effect'

The video appears to be part of a lecture series at the Google headquarters, and offers a capsule summary of Zimbardo's research (e.g., the Stanford Prison Experiment) and the application of his findings to not only understanding the factors behind real life atrocities but to also to the understanding of the factors behind real life heroism.

I figure since I mention Zimbardo's work from time to time, it would be worthwhile to drop this video of him speaking for himself:

Hopefully you'll find it thought-provoking. Zimbardo's work (as well as that of Milgram) provided much of the instigation for me to pursue my current life's work.

Note that the video runs about an hour and 17 minutes, so depending on your own situation you might wish to bookmark the video and watch what you can as time permits. For me, that meant waiting until the kiddos were asleep and the various other extraneous noises were at a minimum.

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