Saturday, February 2, 2008

Well, imagine that!

Turns out a new natural gas reserve has been discovered off Iran's coast:
A gas field with huge reserves has been discovered in the Gulf off the coast of Iran, Gholam Hossein Nozari, the Iranian oil minister has said.

"A gas field with an estimated reserve of 11 trillion cubic feet (311 billion cubic metres) was found by an Indian company in the Persian Gulf," Nozari said on Saturday.

Nozari declined to reveal the name of the company but said "there will be talks with the discovering company for [the field's] development if they are interested".

Iran has the world's second-largest proven gas reserves after Russia and it has ambitions to export gas to a host of countries including Armenia, Pakistan and Syria.
I'm sure the execs at Chevron, BP, etc. would love to get their claws on the revenue that could potentially come from those reserves - better to fill up the corporate coffers than go to the Iranian infrastructure (isn't that the neoliberal motto?). If one is wondering some of the reasoning behind all the war talk aimed at Iran in the recent past, just ask yourself who would cash in.

Hat tip to Ten Percent.

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