Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When authoritarians masquerade as progressives

you get statements like the following:
As I've mentioned before, in a genuine national emergency like this I don't have a problem with the president assuming extraordinary powers for a short period.
Well, he does mention one teensy-weensy problem shortly thereafter:
The problem, of course, is that it didn't go on for only a short while.
Ya think? Once a regime has assumed that kind of power, it's hard for that regime to give it up. "Emergencies" have this funny tendency to either stretch into what might as well be eternity, or the population may be subject to an on-going series of "emergencies." Either way, the regime in question will just keep on assuming whatever "extraordinary powers" for what is promised to be only a "short time." The so-called "respectable" progressives will of course rue that such situations "necessitate" such extraordinary executive power, but, their hands are tied. After all, who wants to appear soft on "terrorism" (or whatever the flavor of the month "threat" happens to be at the time)? One might lose valuable advertising on one's blog or face a primary challenge for daring to point out - even meekly - that such powers are unneeded or that the "emergencies" are at best overblown if not altogether nonexistent.

Nah, it's best to look ahead, toe the line, be cheerful and obedient, and have faith that the dictators of the regime are sincere when they avow their benevolence.

h/t IOZ

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