Saturday, February 16, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Homeland Insecurity commissions a corporation to develop yet another device for torturing civilians:
One company has received an $800,000 contract from the Department of Homeland Security to develop a new "non-lethal" method of human incapacitation for use by law enforcement.
By 2010, Intelligent Optical Systems hopes to be selling a sort of high-powered flashlight, the "LED Incapacitator," which would act by not only effectively blinding its target, but overloading his or her brain, with rapidly flashing lights at varying colors and frequencies. In addition to disorientation, headache and nausea are also likely.
Just as the Taser is a torture device, so too is this so-called "LED Incapacitator." If one looks at the research used to refine many of our government's current torture methods, it becomes readily apparent that one means to break down a human being is via sensory overstimulation - in other words, overloading the person's brain. I'll also note that just as the Taser has proven far from non-lethal, the soon-to-be-developed device will likely too do permanent damage (something tells me that potential permanent eye damage will be one of many potential side effects).

Who will likely be subjected to this latest torture weapon? The propagandists will try to sell the public on its "usefulness" against "terrorists." In reality, as with the Taser, it'll be aimed at nonviolent protesters, the mentally ill (either real or perceived), those who are simply deemed inconvenient by the ruling elites. In other words, potentially any one of us could be a target simply for not conforming. Once again, it comes down to "obey or die."

Let's just say that I am treating any government propaganda surrounding this "incapacitator" with a great degree of well-deserved skepticism.

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