Sunday, March 23, 2008

What Congress wants you to swallow

Where are the Dems when it comes to impeachment?

Based on the reports from last week’s Take Back America conference, it appears that John Conyers has turned back the clock two years. It’s all about winning the elections.

One blogger writes that the reason Conyers gave for not pursuing impeachment now is that "it would jeopardize the chance of a young, excellent man running for the White House," referring to Senator Barack Obama. Sam Stein reports that "Conyers offered a strong suggestion that he intends to consider legal action against Bush and Company once they leave office." Stein quotes Conyers as saying "We can win this thing and go get these guys after [they leave office]."

Conyers, like Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), offered that if Bush attacks Iran he should be impeached.

To which I call:

By the time the cruise missiles are flying over Tehran, it'll be just too goddamn late. There won't be any impeachment then either, as impeaching a "war preznit" would appear "unpatriotic" and might (as the saying goes) affect the 2008 election outcome. Excuses, excuses. By then, I expect that particular charade to be the least of our concerns.

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