Sunday, April 27, 2008

Torture in the news

There have been a number of crucial articles regarding the Guantánamo Bay gulag over the last couple weeks. I've been meaning to say something a bit more substantive, as I've devoted a lot of blog space both here and at my old blog (The Left End of the Dial) to the topic of torture. I'm sure I will again shortly, but for now a quick roundup will have to suffice.

US Drugging Guantánamo Bay Prisoners:

Involuntary drugging of US detainees, a crisis for the health professions

The Return of MKULTRA? Evidence Mounts that Drugs Were Used on CIA “Ghost Detainees” During Coercive Interrogations


Detainees’ Mental Health Is Latest Legal Battle (h/t Stephen Soldz)

The Perps:

Top Bush aides pushed for Guantánamo torture

Stress, hooding, noise, nudity, dogs

Torture victim's records lost at Guantánamo, admits camp general

Letters Give C.I.A. Tactics a Legal Rationale

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