Saturday, May 3, 2008

The more things change...

Something that jumped out at me while I was reading Murdered By Capitalism by John Ross (p. 146):
The next afternoon, at a federal building protest ... we raised a home-made National Liberation Front flag on the esplanade pole. Although the banner only flew for about 20 seconds before GSA guards ripped it to the ground ... the stunt embarrassed liberal Dems like Willie Brown and John Burton who the CP-USA had hoodwinked into addressing the rally.

The incipient conflict at the Federal Building was a seed of later splits in the anti-war movement between those who championed Third World revolution and those who only wanted to bring the boys back home.
It seems a truism any more to say that the split Ross described from 1965 is canyon-wide by this point, as we've witnessed the on-going conflicts between those who contend to be anti-war now joining forces behind Obama and/or Clinton on the one side (based on a belief that the Iraq war was "bungled" or just a "bad idea" and should focus our attention on "humanitarian" interventions in Darfur, etc., and that in any event, the USA is somehow an exceptionally blessed giant with wonderful intentions), and the rest of us who wish to go beyond merely "bringing the boys back home" from Iraq and who question the whole global hegemony thing in the first place. Some of the latter may be voting for various alternative party or indie candidates; others of us may be boycotting the whole sorry charade. Here you're more likely to find the cats who groove on the Bolivarian movement that has swept South America in recent years, the Zapatistas' Other Campaign that is making its mark not only in Chiapas but across the globe, various anti-globalism and anti-neoliberalism movements, and so on. American Exceptionalism doesn't cut it for us, whatever other differences we may have. Equally certain is that those who are bound and determined to bring us back into the fold in time for November to support whichever "lesser evil" the Dems have anointed are not on the same side as us - their protestations to the contrary be damned.

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