Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A brief moment of (almost) truth

The rest of Richard Cohen's column is completely, utterly forgettable. However, he does says this much, which is mostly true:
A presidential race is only incidentally about issues. It's really about likability and character.
Where he veers from truth is when it comes to character. If by character he means in the realm of perception, then okay. If he Cohen is referring to actual character, then he he's smoking something... The idea that either of those two goons running for dictator have any character is simply ludicrous even at face value.

Issues are not really even part of the whole pathetic sideshow. It's just like high school all over again. We all know that the assholes running for Student Body President will not keep their promises of abolishing detention and ending study hall. It's all about who is has the prettiest smile, or some such nonsense.

Otherwise, as is ordinarily the case with reading any Richard Cohen column, there went 30 seconds that I'll never get back.

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