Monday, June 16, 2008

Death squads in Oaxaca

John Gibler has been covering the situation in Oaxaca. Much of the focus is on two DJs from a community radio station who were assassinated recently. Something that jumped out at me:

Mar’a Dolores Par’s, a professor of rural sociology at the Autonomous University of Mexico, says that the state’s claim that Faustino, and not the two women, was the real target of the killers is “absurd,” though she says that women have not been targeted in regional violence before.

Dolores Par’s, who has worked with Triquis in Oaxaca and Triqui migrants in California for seven years, says the state government goes into the region to foment violence and then “washes its hands of it with theories that the violence comes from the nature of the Triquis themselves.”

“I feel certain that the young women were assassinated for their work with the radio station.” Then adds: “The intention has always been to strip the Triquis of their land.”

The driver, Faustino, who was injured in that particular attack, holds out some hope that justice may yet be served - assuming of course that there is sufficient international outrage and pressure from human rights groups.

As an aside, Gibler's other articles look worth a read.

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