Friday, June 6, 2008

First cactus flower of the season

As I mentioned a couple days back, my cacti are beginning to bloom. This spring, it's just the plains pricklypear that are blooming. If the tree cholla plant ever begins to bloom, I understand its flowers should be purple. This next set of pictures will be the last ones before the plants are re-potted. With three rapidly growing pricklypear plants and a tree cholla that looks like it's going to do okay, their current home is becoming just a bit too cozy. Right now I'm still renting, so I imagine the plants will just have to stay in pots for at least another year or two. The hope of having a pretty nice cactus garden is becoming reality.

I'm a huge fan of xeriscaping, and an advocate of using drought tolerant plants for landscaping - something I got turned on to back as an undergrad at Cal State Fullerton (the university's arboretum is itself a working example of xeriscaping). In my semi-arid corner of the planet, my plants of choice are native: cacti and yuccas work quite nicely, are quite attractive, and require very little watering.

This particular photo was taken around 1 pm Thursday, just prior to a mild dust storm. I'm still experimenting with the camera's settings.

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